The Daily Leo


Happy 3rd birthday Leo! We did not do a party this year. It was super fun last year, but too much going on this year during the critical planning time. But, we had big fun anyway! We opened some presents first thing in the morning, then went to the park. I made cupcakes during naptime. Leo’s not the biggest fan of the candles. Then a little afternoon bike ride. Fun day!

Here’s Leo’s school pictures from daycare. This was taken just before his 3rd birthday.

Here’s Leo’s school pictures from daycare. This was taken just before his 3rd birthday.

July 4th weekend. Leo refuses (most times) to leave the house without a jacket on, and July 4, 86 degrees, no different. So you can see him almost boiling on the back porch. Also, we went to the Lafayette children’s museum with the cousins, and had a blast. My brother and I were cracking up when Leo tried his hardest to get 4 balls, but would always drop them before he made it to the top of the stairs. Also, you can see Leo is reading Green Eggs and Ham at all times lately.

Partying at the Lowry Beer Garden! We went to celebrate a friends dental school degree at the local beer garden. Leo had his first soda! He’s had soda before, but he got his own with his kids meal, and he LOVED it!!!!

A couple picts from this weekend, playing at the park, and of course, his new favorite thing: driving the car!

Playing at Mayfair park.  These picts are actually from Mid-March.  It was a really nice day, and we went to the park for a little bit.  This is a newer park in our area, lots of NEW equipment!

Happy Easter from Denver!  We had a great Easter morning at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Leo loves the Children’s Garden, but he was really tired and cranky from not napping the day before.  He mostly hung out in the stroller, and got out to play every once in a while.  Normally we can’t get him to leave, but he was fine with it yesterday.  Then we went to the Cherry Cricket for lunch.  Leo loved his “Macaroni Cheese” bites.  Then a LOONG nap in the afternoon.

I’ve been borrowing my friend Mary’s camera, a d40 Nikon DSLR. Until the last couple days, I’ve been using the auto focus lens she lent me. She also gave me a manual focus 50mm lens, and I’ve been practicing with it. I’ve never manually focused before and it takes some practice, but I’m really enjoying these Picts I took of Leo this evening.

Getting our Christmas Tree!  Leo doesn’t really know what all this Christmas-ing is all about, but he knows about Abigail’s Christmas Tree, so that’s a start.  We went down to our local nursery to get a fine pure-bred Colorado tree.  It’s beautiful!  And, we got a Frosty ornament.  Leo’s favorite song right now is Frosty the Snowman, you can see him here singing Frosty the Snowman to a Frosty ornament.

Here’s Leo fooling around with my knitting.  He doesn’t USUALLY destroy everything I’ve been working on, but it has happened…